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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 4, 2008

An interview with Vlad and Carol Kononov, founders of the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum,

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Dan Hughes
eight and a half years ago

James, my email address is on the last line of the big light blue box at the top of the page (the box that says \"Dan Hughes Podcasts\").

As for freezing up IE, I have no idea why that would happen. As far as I know, it doesn\'t do that to any of the other sites I notify of my new shows. I wonder if it\'s a problem with the Lucky Dan board?

Would you guys rather I didn\'t post there? Let me know!

eight and a half years ago

As always, good advice and thanks. I couldn\'t find another way to contact you so I an using this comment box to give you some info. You post a link to this site on Lucky Dan\'s and for some reason it is freezing up IE when clicked on. It is not just me but almost everyone. It also happened last month. Just trying to help, not criticize. Thanks