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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 19, 2008

Here's a program on what is often the most important, and the most difficult, single thing to do in metal detecting.

And that is....getting permission to hunt.  Without permission, you could be thrown out of a park, or even arrested.

Listen to this short (under four minutes) show for tips on getting permission to hunt public property.

(NOTE:  Show #039 gives some other views on this topic, and show #046 discusses getting permission to hunt private property.)

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Dennis Morrison (Ringfinder)
ten and a half years ago

Really liked your program on permission. I have used many of your ideas. Like you, I hunted almost every home in my home town on the south main section. One owener let me hunt his place and then another saw me and told me I was welcome to hunt his home and so on. Thanks for your post, love to use it sometime in one of my club newsletters. Best Regards and Happy Hunting, Denny Morrison, Bluffton, Ohio

Bobby Justice
nine and a half years ago

Excellent podcast on gaining permission.I have read about the use of letters and phone calls to secure permission but like you, I thought this would be fruitless.In person is the way to go.Keep up the good work,I enjoy listening.