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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 2, 2010

Nero Wolfe was a most unlikely detective. 

He was a gourmet and an orchid connoisseur, and he was generally a rather nasty man altogether.

He was so vastly overweight that he seldom left his apartment.

He listened to clients tell their stories, then he sent his assistant Archie Goodwin to do the footwork (and the dirty work).

Archie tracked down the clues, often putting himself in great physical danger, then he turned his findings over to Wolfe, who solved the mystery in the comfort of his easy chair. 

Three actors played Nero Wolfe on the radio.  In this program, we hear the most well-known Nero Wolfe, Sydney Greenstreet.

This episode, Stamped for Murder, was originally broadcast on October 20, 1950.