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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 11, 2009

Have you found your first gold ring yet?  No? What?  You don't dig pulltabs?  That's why you're leaving those rings for me.  Pulltabs are the ringfinder's best friend!  Here's why.. A discussion of how to find gold rings by digging pulltabs, without losing your sanity. Also - Have you found more dimes, or nickels?  You don't know?  Tips on keeping a coin logbook.

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almost nine years ago

Alas, 2009 brought me a zero gold anything (plugging). All them pull tabs for nothing! At least I found the 10K in a tot lot.

I have found rings outside volleyball courts, although most are junk. On a related note, silver rings ring up as dime/quarter range so at least I could be digging up a ring and if not, at least a dime :0)

nine and a half years ago

I actually started keeping track of plugged pull tabs and nickels (which can also ring up in the same range as gold rings on the Ace 250).

So far:
Pull tabs: 220 (124 being 70\'s style)
Nickels: 65
Gold Rings: 0

The good news is I did find a 10K ring in a tot lot this year, but in those I find very few pull tabs so it is no big deal digging everything. I think I only dug up 30 pull tabs in tot lots, and I already hit a good 10 lots (where I find more gold then I ever do plugging!).

I also keep track of the clad I turn in as the free coin counter at my bank gives you the totals.

13% quarters
19% dimes
11% nickels
57% cents.

The only reason the quarter percentage is good is because a school near me gave up a whopping 316 of them so far.

Well, although we are blessed by late Spring rains I am stopping plugging until fall so those gold rings will have to wait until then :0)

Bob Leibold
nine and a half years ago

Hi Dan,
Enjoyed the audio and it has inspired this newbie to dig some pull tabs. Not sure where you are from, but I wish it was central Florida as I wouldn\'t mind a few lessons from an \"old salt\". Thanks again.........Bob

Dale T.
almost nine years ago

Thanks for the info Dan! I\\\'m going to dig pulltabs now. That might explain why I haven\\\'t dug a ring yet! :)

Ross Soderberg
nine and a half years ago

Hi Dan, good pod cast. This is the 1st one I have had a chance to comment on.
Outfields of baseball diamonds are a great place to look for gold rings. Lefties loose rings when throwing a ball into home plate. Nickles also come in the pulltab range. Pulltabs can mostly be determined by Xing off the target. You will get a different signal in each direction but not always. When I hit baseball & soccer fields, I always look strictly for pulltab & nickle signals. Most of my gold rings found on land were by this method.