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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 19, 2009

Twelve years ago, I came very close to getting a class ring back to its owner.  A month ago, I began anew to try to find the girl who lost it 23 years ago. I struck out with Classmates, and now I've stepped up my quest with five new attacks.  Enjoy the latest episode of "How Hard Can It Be To Get Rid of a Gold Ring?"

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almost nine years ago

yeah thanx for info on sound i\"ve found 2 little silver rings was wondering if gold rings would sound off good!Is your book available in Springfield or do you have 2 order on-line?P.S. thanks for all you share many happy hunting grounds!!!

Dan Hughes
almost nine years ago

Tim, do you have a class ring or a wedding ring? If not, borrow one to swing your detector over and see how it sounds and reads on your machine.

My book is not available ANYWHERE except from me personally. No bookstores, no Amazon.

I know that costs me a lot of sales, but I like to keep the personal touch.

Anyone who buys my book can be confident it was packed and addressed and stamped by me and sent from my house.

Thanks for asking!

Rick Alexander
over nine years ago

I just bought my first metal detector today. Cant wait for the snow to go so I can start hunting. Have you thought about if you live near the school going to one of the class reunions ? Or posting a note there ...G`luck Rick

almost nine years ago

hey dan do gold or silver rings jump up and down in id numbers like a pull-tab or they like a coin and stay within 3-4 numbers signed: diggin pulltabs and nickels

Dan Hughes
almost nine years ago

Tim, sorry to say, I don\'t know what ID numbers do on gold or silver rings (I\'ve never used a detector with ID numbers).

I know that all the gold and silver rings I\'ve found have rung in with a rock-solid stable signal.

On the other hand, I could see the signal being affected by the shape, the alloy, and the thickness of the ring.

Sorry I can\'t help you much with that one!

Dave Lascelles
nine and a half years ago

I\'m most impressed by the efforts you have made to return this ring, and also with the presentation of the story. I hope that the eventual conclusion is to your satisfaction. I had a (less dramatic) scenario some years ago wih a ring bearing initials (F.A.) on the bezel and inside was inscribed the name \"Gonda\" (see \'Google\') also a date in 1944. Never did get a response! It\'s a nice ring, but returning it to the right person (or relative) would be even nicer. what a story! If you wished to trawl through my photos on W.M.D.C., the picture of the ring is on there. I wish you all success with your venture. Dave.