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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 3, 2009

On the first anniversary of In the Treasure Corner, I look back at what I did right, what I did wrong, which topics were the most popular, why my book doesn't sell as well as it could, why that's fine with me, and how I was able to combine my treasure hunting hobby with my other favorite sport, slowpitch softball.

My Birthday Quiz and In the Collector's Corner articles mentioned in this podcast appear every month in The Active Seniors and Boomers newspaper.  You can read them online at

For some free articles based on chapters in my book, go to the bottom of this page:  The Metal Detecting Manual

Jon Walker
nine and a half years ago

I believe I might be the person you addressed that downloaded all of your podcasts. I don\'t know anything about softball and just happened to accidentally download the softball podcast. I AM very much into metal detecting and have learned a lot just in the past 27 podcasts. Keep doing what you are doing because I know there are a lot of guys just like myself that don\'t have a \'big brother\' that knows the tips and tricks and rely on people like you to teach us. Looking forward to #28.

Dan Hughes
nine and a half years ago

Thanks for the kind words, Jon! Sorry you had trouble with the downloads. Since I have both my podcasts on the same account, it\'s easy to accidentally get them all.