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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 1, 2009

So you've got a few hours free, and you want to go metal detecting.  Is it really worthwhile to hit that nearby park or schoolyard that is already pretty much hunted out? This podcast discusses the secrets of hunting those "hunted-out" areas.  How to find coins that others have missed.

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Dan Hughes
nine and a half years ago

Hi Gary,

My email is

Glad to hear from you!

nine and a half years ago

wonderful prodcast dan i do so called hunted out areas all the time and guess what there not!!

nine and a half years ago

Very nice, concise podcast Dan.

Being from a very populated and heavily hunted area of northern California, I\'m faced with \"hunted out\" parks all the time. Your podcast hit it right on the head.



garry peterson
nine and a half years ago


Your site is one that I go to every month. I always learn something new everytime. I would like to share what I have found this year if I can get your e-mail address. I have used Tesoro\'s, Minelab, White\'s and Radio Shack. I Presently use a Discovery 3300 and it is a kick ass machine. Most of the time I have to turn it down as it seems to find so much in the ground it sounds like a Gatling gun. I know from experience that this unit will go as deep as a Vaquero, white\'s matrix m6, and a minelab x-terra 50. I live in the southeast part of South Dakota and we do not have a lot of minerals here. I can hit a dime at 5 inches fairly Easily.