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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Dec 13, 2010

Jimmy Stewart is best-remembered for his movie roles in films like It's a Wonderful Life, Harvey, and Rear Window.

But in the fall of 1953, he starred in a radio series.  He played wandering cowboy Britt Ponset, the title character of the western series The Six Shooter. 

Though the series lasted just one year, the writing was excellent and Stewart was at the top of his form.  The plot was simple:  Ponset travelled around the wild west, and each week he had a new adventure. 

Some of the shows were serious, some of them were funny, and some of them were classic stories retold with a western background, like Cinderella and A Christmas Carol.

This episode, Silver Annie, was first broadcast on October 11, 1953.

Paul Urbahns
six and a half years ago

All The Six Shooter shows are good, excellent writing and Jimmy Stewart. My favorite is the December 6, 1953, program titled "A Pressing Engagement". The basic plot is a rumor is circulating that Britt is getting married to the niece of Minnie Flint. Minnie's arranged the whole thing, without bothering to tell Britt! He3 has to figure a way out of it without breaking the heart of his intended. It's not a comedy but a lot of smiles are written in the script.