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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 4, 2010

You're digging a beep in the park when a policeman approaches you. What should you do? Former police chief (and current field editor for Lost Treasure magazine) Anthony Belli offers tips on how to handle yourself in an encounter with the law.

Tony goes on to outline the investigative techniques he learned as a police officer, and how you can apply them to metal detecting.

Enjoy the program, then read more of my articles on treasure hunting at my web site,

eight and a half years ago

I was only approached once, and then asked if I saw any suspicious characters as the school alarm went off (must have been a silent alarm!).

Told him nope and then someone from the school came out to report it was a false alarm.

Other than that, had a few watch me from the squad cars but then just take off.

eight and a half years ago

I\'ve been approached by police before, they asked me if I found anything, and I was honest with them, said a couple modern coins but mostly trash. They said ok and asked me to remember to fill in all holes, and I said I always do and they left. They aren\'t looking to bust anyone, MOST of the time they are called to check it out, like at a school, a teacher may not know what metal detecting is, and think your up to no good and will call the police. So just be honest and polite and say yes sir, no sir and smile. If you are really shady and quiet and don\'t want to look at them, it appears your hiding something and will then attempt to do something. So just act like they are your friends. I don\'t get nervous about the police, because I know I haven\'t done anything wrong.