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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 18, 2010

A listener to the last show wants to know more about how to find out what his local park regulations are, and how to keep from being told he can't hunt by officials who don't know the law.  I offer several suggestions as to how to get your ducks in a row before you take your metal detector into a park.  And the listener himself comes up with a wonderful way to work for change from the inside rather than the outside.

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Dan Hughes
almost eight years ago

Jim, hope you printed out the rules and will be carrying a copy in your wallet for next time you're stopped!

almost eight years ago

I was approached by a security guard at a local park this morning who stated that metal detecting was not allowed. I wasn't 100% sure of the law myself, so I didn't fight. I came home and found the rules/regulations/laws for Clark County Nevada. Nothing specifically mentions metal detecting, but you cannot cut/remove the turf, brush, earth, etc in the parks. I won't be digging, but you can bet I'll be hitting the mulched playground areas, sand boxes and volleyball courts real soon. I wouldn't mind running into the guard again too. Thanks for your shows!

almost nine years ago

In the state of Virginia metal detecting is only illegal on private property without permission and protected historic sites such as Battlefields. I\'ve actually had 3 or 4 police drive past me at public parks and they don\'t even take a second look. They see it as a harmless hobby. As long as you don\'t leave holes, drop trash, or bother anyone, there isn\'t a problem. One rude lady even called the police on me before at a park, I was on the sidelines of a soccer field detecting the tree line, and she said I was digging up the soccer field. The officer stopped by, saw me by the trees, looked at the field and drove off. Didn\'t even talk to me. I\'ve also waved at a police man before while detecting and he waved back. They really could careless because they have more important things to do than ruin someones hobby.