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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 21, 2011

The Whistler was one of those shows that delighted in surprising us with a trick ending, sometimes even a double trick ending.  Think Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, and even farther back to O.Henry's stories. 

The title character, The Whistler, was a mysterious apparition who narrated the program but never had an active part in it.  He talked to the other characters, though they couldn't hear them, which was just as well, because what he had to say was never pleasant.  His snide, mocking attitude was a big hit with listeners.

The Whistler began as a west coast-only program, and it was sponsored by Signal Gasoline, a company that existed only in California and a few other western states. 

To many old-time radio listeners, Signal Gasoline will always be associated with The Whistler.

This episode, The Gentle Way, was first heard on June 23, 1947.