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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 1, 2010

Earlier this year, a slowpitch pitcher in Virginia was killed by a line drive (see program #044). 

A pitcher on my own team took a line drive to the groin and had to have an emergency operation on his testicles.

This program examines ways pitchers can protect themselves in this time of flat pitches, juiced bats, and steroid-pumped batters.

P.S.  This is a photo of my shinguard.  Note the permanent dent in it, caused by a line drive.  That definitely would have crushed the bone in the front of my leg.  (Fibula?  Tibula?  Whatever.  It still hurt for several days).

By the way, I've just completely redone my book website - let me know if you find any typos there.

The site now has an easy up-top link to my softball articles - enjoy!