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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Apr 25, 2011

In 1938, Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1, a comic book that has reportedly sold for as high as one and a half million dollars. 

In 1939, Superman became a daily comic strip.

And in 1940, Superman took to the air with a three-afternoons-a-week radio show. 

Who played Superman on the radio?  It was a closely-guarded secret until 1946, when Clayton Collyer was identified as the voice of the Man of Steel.  Collyer is better known to early television enthusiasts as Bud Collyer, host of game shows like Beat the Clock and To Tell the Truth.

This episode, The Mystery of the Mechanical Monster, first aired on December 10, 1949.

In the photo:  Jackson Beck, the announcer whose never-to-be-forgotten words "Faster than a speeding bullet!  More powerful than a locomotive!" began each episode; Clayton Collyer; and Joan Alexander, who played Lois Lane.