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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

May 9, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. North began as a series of magazine stories, then was expanded into a mystery novel (actually 26 of them), then a Broadway play, then a radio series, and finally a TV series.

This is the pilot episode of the radio show.  Mr. and Mrs. North were a happily-married couple, a bit on the eccentric side, who happened to be adept

at solving crimes.  It starred Carl Eastman and Peggy Conklin (who also played Pam in the Broadway show).

The roles of Jerry and Pam were given to Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost after the pilot was picked up by NBC.  (The show moved to CBS in 1947, hence the CBS mic flag in this photo of Joseph and Alice).

This episode, Picnic, originally aired on NBC on December 30, 1942.

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