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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 2, 2010

You've done your research, planned your recovery, and one fine morning you find a stash worth millions!  Easy Street forever, right?

Probably not. 

This show reveals what has happened to people who have become suddenly rich, and it ain't pretty.

So listen to this program, and you may decide that coinshooting is great, but treasure hunting is maybe just a little bit scary.

Or would YOU be able to handle that much money with no problems? 

Sure you would.

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eight and a half years ago

I guess the problem is, when you win 20 million you think it\'s enough to buy anything in the world. So your like oh a million dollar house? I\'ll take it! that is pocket change, and one thing they forget about is the taxes they owe on it. Winning 20 million, you only get to keep like 12 million of it.

With treasure hunting, there is no paper trail. If you find a chest full of gold coins, there is no tax on that. Also you can\'t go buy a house with gold coins. So I think we treasure hunters would be much more smart like you said.