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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 28, 2010

In 1958, I buried a treasure in the back yard of this house. 

Here's the story of what it was, how it came about, and why I've had so much trouble trying to recover it for the past half-century.


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seven and a half years ago

I think ya should dig it up. Back when i was 5 or 6 me and my brother buried a small metal box with small toys etc. I remember putting a clear plastic block with a picture of Yogi Bear in the middle in it. Now that i can go back to the house we lived in, i'm wondering if the box is still there. If we didn't dig it up and i just don't remember. I went over the general area that i think we buried it with my metal detector but it beeped a lot on all metal. I also want to ask my brother about it to see if he remembers and get a better idea on where we buried it.

john brown
over eight years ago

I think you should dig it up it is your time capsle

over eight years ago

Gimme a break, why is this even an issue?

Who is going to care that a 6" hole was dug and filled back in on a house that been boarded up and will probably be torn down?

Dig the hole, get your jar fill fill the hole.

When you get back home with it, have a few beers have some friends over and enjoy what you buried so long ago.


over eight years ago

As many times as it has been boarded up and vacant, I would see if the county or city has an online website with that address and the owners.If you can't contact the owner, and you know the close spot of the "treasure", since it IS yours go get it.

over eight years ago

Old, abandoned or boarded-up. It's still owned by someone. If I owned it and someone was digging in the backyard I'd have a fit.
Your best bet and what I've done in the past is to go to a Title company or Real Estate office in the area and ask who ownes it. Maybe put on a ruse that you are interested in the property(and your are), it's old family land and that sort of thing. Most of the time they will give you the land owner info or will contact them for you and you are able to proceed from there without fear of legal consequences.
Permission is always the best way to go... Looking over your shoulder is no way to Detect and "sneeking" in gives all of us a bad name.
It also comes down to how important that jug of "treasure" is to you. Are you willing to suffer the consequences...........

over eight years ago

I listened to your podcast and realized that I lived close by as I recognized the house. I took out my trusty old CZ6 and went hunting as nobody was around. It didn't take long as this detector loves rusty things. I dug down and couldn't believe my eyes. The lid was a bit rusty and crumbled when I opened it. I found the most beautifully preserved comic book. I love this detector. It's never failed me yet. Thanks for the lead. I'll treasure this forever. LOL!!!

Not really! This is just a little glimpse of the tragic story you'll be telling us about if you don't go back and dig this thing up. GO DAN!!!! GO!!!! DIG IT UP!!!

My uncle did a similar thing many years ago with many comic books and baseball cards he hid in a hole in the attic of his old house. The items just became fodder to support a bunch of crack heads who stowed away in the house and used them to buy drugs. What a waste.

over eight years ago

Dig it up! Sounds like abandoned property to me.

David Hyde
over eight years ago


over eight years ago

Dan, go get that thing.

Helen O'Connell
over eight years ago

Dan, I definately would go dig it up. You could have a small fortune buried there, if not decayed. Don't even think about it...just do it!!

over eight years ago

I would definitely go back to try and recover it, with the proper permission of course. It would be interesting to see what survived, good luck if you go!

Chet Diehl
over eight years ago

Dan i live in Greenfield and me and my hunting buddy would hunt in the speedway area a lot.I think you should go and hunt the yard if its not posted.We hunted a lot of abandoned houses in the Indianapolis and Speedway area and have never had any problems.

Kathy Campbell
over eight years ago

Get your detector and go for it now before the house is leaveled and the yard is filled or graded.

over eight years ago

Dan, I would go to the city building and find out if it is city owned which it probably is and tell them your story and I would think they would say go for it.

over eight years ago

Dig it up.......I would..............

Mark Clement
over eight years ago

I'd go dig it up too while the place is boarded up. Just about any detector should find it. All metal mode should make it even easier. That gallon jar lid should be a big target.

Good luck! Mark

over eight years ago

I would make one more run back there, except this time take your detector and digger along. If the place is still boarded up, I would give it the chance and go straight for the pickle jar. No muss, no fuss. Dig it, cover the hole and scamper off. I don't usually do stuff like that but you are only one year younger than I so how many more chances are you going to have?

Robert Lemp
over eight years ago

I would go dig it up...After all...It IS yours and you burried it...If the land is not posted, and the house is vacant, go for it...