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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 4, 2010

Upon hearing of the death of a teammate from several decades ago, I thought I'd like to do a show about some of my cherished softball memories.

Pop Palmer and his two sons played on my Media Blitz team. 

We were mostly radio broadcasters in real life, and most of us were a lot better at describing and analyzing the action on the field than we were in actually creating it. 

But we had a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs, and hopefully the stories here will bring a smile to your face.

The fall softball season ended last week, the temperature is dipping below the freezing mark at night, and it's time to sit back and relive the good times.

The guys in the photo, left to right, are Joe and Ron Palmer, and their father, "Pop" Palmer.

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Ron Palmer
over eight years ago

Very nice, Dan... and thank you. Dad thought a lot of you and enjoyed his time with the Media Blitz. Hard to believe that's been more than 20 years ago. Wow!