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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 11, 2010

A program especially for newbies.  Thoughts on picking your first metal detector. 

What if you buy an expensive machine and then find you don't like the hobby? 

What if you buy a cheap machine and then find that you love the hobby? 

With dozens and dozens of brands and models available, at prices from under a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, where in the world do you start?

This show helps you begin your search.

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Dan Hughes
over eight years ago

Sandi, the main thing to remember is to wash the detector thoroughly in fresh water after exposure to salt water. Salt destroys detectors, just like it destroys cars!

I haven't worked saltwater myself (not a lot of it in Illinois), but my guess is that these detectors will do fine in dry sand, but not work well (if at all) in wet saltwater sand.

over eight years ago

I would like to purchase a metal detector for my husband and since I listened to your video I will probably get the Tesoro Compadre. Since we go to the beach (saltwater) often I wonder how it would work close to where the waves wash up on the sand. He will be a newbie and I can't afford the underwater version. Thanks for any help and advice.