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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Dec 9, 2010

Come one, come all, to Treasure World Park!

No, it's not open yet, but we're working on it. 

Well, thinking about working on it. 

Well, thinking about getting someone else to work on it. 

Here are some off-the-wall ideas for a dream park for treasure hunters, especially those who are looking out windows at ice and snow and frozen ground for several months of the year.

Join the fun - tell us what you'd like to see in a Treasure Park.  Click the comment button (lower right corner) and add to the craziness.

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P.S. Here's the newsletter that Bob didn't like and thereby started this whole idea:

Dan's Christmas Newsletter

Shawn Waters
six and a half years ago

This is funny, but you haven't even noticed have you? You had an episode (around the first year) about how to make a living using the hobby metal detecting. Well this is it, your money making idea for this hobby that you were looking for!

over eight years ago

This idea is so crazy, it just might work!
-Got to have a gold panning attraction. They already do this at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA.
-For us water hunters there must be a shallow sand bottom lake stocked with coins, rings, chains, watches, bracelets and, I suppose, an occasional pull tab.
-For thrill seekers- a wave machine that once in a while generates a rogue wave that blindsides you when you are hunting in the wet sand!

over eight years ago

This could get interesting. Once a year, say on the anniversary of the park, have a hunt for a $20 gold piece buried someplace on the property. That would sure pull the MD'rs in ..... and yes, a nice facility to relax in at the end of the hunt with some beer and wine....

over eight years ago

Dan, next to the park you could locate the MDA (acronym for the Metal Detecting Academy), where for a reasonable fee, people could come and learn the proper use of their equipment and search & recovery techniques.

Ramblin' Steve
over eight years ago

Hmmmm... Several ideas come to mind... Perhaps a concession stand featuring batteries, digging implements,maps, etc.
Re-charging station...
Index stand for quick coin i.d.
Weight scale for precious metals..
Pull-tab counter..(1 millionth donor wins a MD)

The silliness knows no bounds...

over eight years ago

Pretty interesting idea Dan.

1. Lost mine roller and out of a mine shaft.

2. Treasure/Detector company sponsored attractions. Could be "Whites lazy river float" "Tesoro Gold mountain plume ride", "Bounty Hunter Wild west show" etc.

3. Each day a token hunt for prizes. Additional fees required. Prizes adjusted to number of participants to regulate cost. A sand lot the size of a basketball court. easy to hide and not so big.

4. Annual hunts could be held at the facility not sponsored by the park but just the venue for it.

5. Training classes on all aspects of treasure hunting. With displays of finds from all types of treasure hunting practices. Such as gold from the sea, Could get collections to let park use them for the attraction or just facsimiles of treasure.

I think if it is in a warm climate location the snow birds would flock to it.


over eight years ago

I think it's a great idea. You could rent it out to groups and charge a group fee for a day. If they can build up mounds and hills for indoor motorcycle races, they could change the "fields" around for other events as the need arises.

Need to have a place to eat as well. :o)