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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jan 20, 2011

Do you have friends who question your sanity because you are a treasure hunter? 

Do you wish you had a snappy comeback when they heap scorn upon your beloved hobby? 

This show gives you some good answers for those idiot friends of yours.


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Dan Hughes
over eight years ago

George, I appreciate the kind words. I love doing the shows when I get feedback like that!

over eight years ago

Dan, I got your book for Christmas and really enjoyed it. Like yourself, I started detecting decades ago(I was 16)and started off with a very basic detector but in some ways, those were the most exciting days of my life. Sure wasn't as much competition back then.
I really liked this show. You make many excellent points and I am going to e-mail this link to a co-worker who still gives me a good-natured "hard time" about my hobby. He bowls and fishes so your examples are spot on! Thank you!