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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Mar 3, 2011

Sure, anyone can find coins and rings.  But what are some of your stranger finds? 

Most every treasure hunter has an assortment of uncategorizable odds and ends, often accompanied by good stories.  Here are some of mine.  What are some of yours?

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seven and a half years ago

I found a skeleton bird leg with a band on it, the DNR sent a lovely email cerificate for it.

Mike Howard
almost eight years ago

I hunt mostly totlots and yesterday found a toilet handle on a school playground. Pretty strange to me! LOL

Casey (OutwardJourney)
over eight years ago

Ironically, I just found a metal coupon from 1926 for Procter & Gamble's Camay Soap. Found it in my own front yard, which I never thought to detect.

over eight years ago

I think my weirdest find is a Musket ball on a play ground or maybe an old coin that links back to contributors of a monument in Mass in the 1920's and I found it on the coast in Maine at a old farm house.