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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 3, 2011

NBC had a hit radio series with A Date With Judy (see show 52), and CBS wanted a similar program.  They found a series of humorous stories about a precocious teenage girl in Good Housekeeping magazine, and CBS adapted the stories for radio.

The result was Meet Corliss Archer, which aired from 1943 to 1956.  The legendary Janet Waldo was Corliss, and 40 years later she was still playing teenage girls, including Judy Jetson on the TV series The Jetsons.

Corliss had a boyfriend, Dexter, played by Sam Edwards, a famous character actor who many years later played the banker on Little House on the Prairie.

The radio series was so popular that it spawned a book, a comic book, a Broadway play, and a television series.

This episode of Meet Corliss Archer, Rival Boyfriend, originally aired on June 23, 1946.