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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 27, 2011

If certain members of congress get their way, the one-dollar bill could soon become extinct.  There is a serious move afoot to replace the paper dollar with a dollar coin. 

Dollar coins have been tried and rejected before.  Compared to the Susan B. Anthony dollar, the Ford Edsel was a roaring success. 

But this time around, the dollar coin would be forced upon us, because the dollar bill would no longer be made. 

And by the way, did George Washington really throw that silver dollar across the Potomac River?  You'll hear that story here, too.

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seven and a half years ago

Another great Podcast Dan. I wish we had dollar coins, I heard from more than one Canadian that they love them and they are considering a $5.00 coin.

seven and a half years ago

I wish we did have dollar coins in circulation. I am not so sure that the general public does not like them. The SBA dollar looked too much like a quarter and was rejected on that account, but the new coins are just not available. I've asked for them in banks and they rarely if ever have them.
I've found a few and they come up as quarters or slightly higher.

seven and a half years ago

Hi Dan,
I've found two of the dollar coins so far. They
gave a 00/29 reading on my Minelab Explorer 2.
Same as a quarter. I think our coinage has needed
major changes for a while now. I'd love to see a
return to classic depictions of Lady Liberty. If our current artists would rather not return to a
classic, more stately style last seen on the Peace Dollar there are plenty of pattern coin designs we could use. I was born in 1965 and have
lived with portraits of old men on our coins my
whole life.
I'm also an enthusiastic dollar coin
supporter. I also hope for the return of the
Half Dollar to common use and hope they take the
idea even further with a five dollar coin. I'd
love to see the return of the Quarter Eagle as well but I realize that a $2.50 coin would
hopelessly confuse vast numbers of fast food cashiers. Just try using a Half Dollar in your local Burger King and you'll see what I mean.
There aren't many things worth buying that
cost less than a dollar. Our largest denomination circulating coin is the quarter.
I need six of them just to get a soda from the vending machine where I work. I'm certainly not
worried about having to carry "heavy" coins and
the need for better pockets in clothing. My own
mother is 69 and usually carries about $30 in
change in her pockets and purse. I figure anyone that can't manage the weight of several large coins probably would benefit from the weight
training anyway.