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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 24, 2011

Two short shows instead of one long one this week. 

First, an addendum to my earlier program about headphones for treasure hunters. And here's some info about the five-dollar headphones I talk about in the show(though they are more than $5.00 here):

Then, a look at a book written in 1860, and why it sparked my treasure hunting instincts.

For more of my articles about treasure hunting, and a look at my book on metal detecting, click to

James Bizzell
over seven years ago

Thanks for your good work, Dan. I like your report on headphones and need to share some good information. I have several pair of headphones, some cheap and some expensive. I found what I consider the very best headphones for metal detecting. They are the 'Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff' that I purchased for the shooting range. Do a search and check them out! They have a 1/8" stero plug so they can be used with an MP3 player so I thought I would get me a stero cord and try them out with my metal detecting. WOW!!!!! These things rock!!!!! I can hear everything that is going on around me, and even have the option to adjust volume on my detector as well as the headphones. The sound is just as good as with my other headphones. They are around 50 bucks and worth every penny!!! Oh, they also work great in my woodworking shop. I can listen to the radio and protect my hearing at the same time. I am NOT affialiated with Howard Leight in any way. Thanks