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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jan 19, 2012

Reality TV!  Has anything ever been so misnamed? 

Twice last year I was approached by reality television producers looking for a host for their proposed treasure hunting shows.

In this podcast, I explain what they wanted to do, and why I turned them down. 

For some REAL reality, read my book, The Metal Detecting Manual (

James from Treasure Barrel
over seven years ago

Dan, I was recently approached by another group not mentioned in your show. Seems like there is a frenzy going on for this stuff. Anyways, my concern was also the push for historical sites and places that would get us into trouble. There is not a lot of opportunity for drama in metal detecting parks and such unless engaged in an illegal activity where someone comes out and runs you off. I too am not interested in this.

Joel Boogher
over seven years ago

I listened to your podcast as instructed---Thanks!! I couldn,t agree with you more. There was a thread on one of the forums and 95% of the respondents were against it--me included. There are too many ( I will be blunt--but honest ) people swinging metal detectors out there with absolutely no regard for private property/not filling in holes/ etc..... I don,t want to get on a roll about this. I also know that there are a ton of diligent,responsible,ethical and very committed professionals also. The last thing we need is to portray this hobby as a "get rich quick" way of life. Anxiously awaiting your next episode. Thanks---Joel from York, Pa.

Dan Hughes
over seven years ago

Joel, nothing has changed at my end. If clicking the PLAY triangle doesn't work, do this:

Right-click on the POD icon up top of the name of the program at the bottom in heavy print (089reality1.mp3). Click SAVE LINK AS and save it to your hard drive, then you can play it from there (by clicking it again).

Let me know if that does it for you. If not, I'll email you a copy of the episode. Write me at

joel from york pa.
over seven years ago

Used to be able to listen but no more. Did you change a format or am I doing something wrong? When I press play/pause nothing happens???? Thanks