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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 2, 2012

A "reality" treasure hunting TV show is due to air in the spring, and it looks like a doozy. 

A pro wrestler, his "enforcer" son, and his wife from Joisey (that's how some people say New Jersey) comprise the team that will "convince" homeowners to let them dig up their property - with a bulldozer. 

As Dave Berry says, I am NOT making this up.

I also discuss a reality treasure show that is now available on the internet.  The URL is  (And the URL to purchase the downloads is here.)

Check out my own reality at

Vancouver Larry
over seven years ago

OK I have watched a couple of American Diggers and also the Digger show.
Not at all happy, I sometimes RV and as I travel I spot old property and after approching the land owner, I ask if they had ever watched The AmericanDiggers show, most react with disgust and will not let us hunt thier land, if I don't mention the shows most will let us on thier property, with a promise to share.

Dick Stout
over seven years ago

This show concerns me too Dan.... Hope I am wrong!

Dan Hughes
over seven years ago


Ya got me, Bill. I used the most outrageous bulldozer photo I could find. Wanted people to listen to my show!

But do you think that using a bulldozer for relics compares to using a bulldozer for meteorites? I'd think the chance of damaging something historic would be too high. Look at how archeologists dig slowly and carefully, scraping a millimeter of surface at a time.

Archeologists hate treasure hunters already - how will they react to a bulldozer being used on battlegrounds and historical sites? Sure can't do our hobby any good.

bill herman
over seven years ago

i think the terms homeowners and bulldozers are what is raising cause for alarm. i'm sure the show will take place on large tracts of land ,(privately owned )much the same as the popular "diggin in virginia " events. i've watched the popular "meteorite men" show and have seen them use a backhoe on someones property and there was no big deal made about that. plus all they talk about on that show and in fact,most of the reality shows of that type, is how much the stuff they find can be sold for.i'll wait until i actually see one of the shows before i pass judgement on it.

James Bizzell
over seven years ago

That new 'reality' treasure hunting show might go on to make a hit but your pod cast is right on, Dan. That show will probably turn more people against our sport. Getting into this sport to get rich? Now that is funny!