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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 16, 2012

Facebook users are under 13 years old, and over 100.

Soon, there will be one billion members.  That's three times as many Facebook users as there are people in the United States.

With all this activity, there is bound to be something for the metal detecting community there.

In this show, we take a look at how treasure hunters can use Facebook to do things besides laugh with friends and insult enemies.

For more tips on metal detecting and treasure hunting, and a look at my book, The Metal Detecting Manual,  visit

almost seven years ago

I created WeDetect.Net a social network similar to facebook, but only for metal detecting. Check us out, we're sure you will like what you see. And, with over 150 members, you're sure to see someone you recognize. Everyone is presonally invited to join for free.

James Balme
over seven years ago

Hi dan, I hope you are enjoying the World metal Detecting Community and History Resource !!!! Keep posting ..... The site is being promoted at the moment by Marlin PR, a big global agency who work for Sony etc so we are going places in the future. Best wishes,
James Balme
WMDC Creator