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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 21, 2012

This is the 100th program from In the Treasure Corner, and instead of discussing metal detecting this time, I give you an inside view of how and why this show exists. 

Why do I do the show? 

Why is each episode so short? 

Why are there no guests or co-hosts, or groups of people around the microphone for rousing discussions? 

Get the inside scoop - give this episode a listen.

And for a look at my book, The Metal Detecting Manual, visit

(NOTE: I'm having trouble posting the automatic player here - please click the POD icon up top left, or the  "Direct download" link below to hear the program.)

almost seven years ago

Congratulations Dan on reaching your 100th show and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have learned a lot from listening to your shows and I always find then enjoyable and easy to listen to.


almost seven years ago

Thank you Dan! I have enjoyed your metal detecting pod casts ever since you first started them. Please don't stop! You have covered a lot of topics over the years and some were 'old hat' and some were new and refreshing ideas but you make all of them interesting to listen to and sometimes I learn something anyway! I am always waiting for the next one! Keep up the good work. Oh, the audio quality is always perfect!