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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 16, 2012

Oh no, another birthday!  Rather, two birthdays.

My show is four years old, and I'm 65. 

In this birthday episode, I look back on previous shows and recommend a few you might have missed. And I'll tell you the top three downloaded shows since the series began.

I also discuss the new program index, which is at

almost seven years ago

I've been listening to the programs. Entertaining and informative. Thanks from Finland.

Billy Steen
almost seven years ago

Hi Dan,
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and say thank you for 4 years of great pod-casts. I have every one of them downloaded on my mp3. I travel all day on my job and it's nice to have metal detecting tips on my radio as I travel. Also thanks for writing the metal detecting manual, it's a great reference book. I hope you'll continue to give us more MD tips and tricks in the future.