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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 18, 2012

Blackstone was perhaps the most famous magician of the World War II era.  His extravagant stage show was legendary, and his career spawned both a comic book and a radio show. 

The radio show was Blackstone, the Magic Detective.  It ran on the Mutual network from 1948 to 1950 as a fifteen-minute Sunday afternoon show.  Most episodes began with the telling of a mystery that Blackstone had solved, and then Blackstone taught the radio audience a trick they could play on their friends. 

The scripts were written by Blackstone's friend Walter Gibson, a professional magician who also wrote novels.  Under the pen name Maxwell Grant, Gibson wrote over 300 stories of The Shadow.

Here are two episodes of the Blackstone radio show, both from the spring of 1949.

Dan Hughes
six and a half years ago

John, you're into OTR, magic,and softball? Gotta get you into treasure hunting and you'll be perfect, like me!

Love that you've met Walter Gibson, one of those rare people who did more in one lifetime than most people could do in a dozen. What an honor for you! I'm jealous!

John T.
six and a half years ago

Thanks for sharing this. I share your passions for Magic, Senior Softball, and Radio Theater. I had the honor to be taught some magic by Walter Gibson a long time ago and have been a devoted follower of The Shadow, his biography of Houdini, and other writings ever since. It still amazes me that a magic radio show is even possible! My son is a member of the Colonial Radio Theater and they continue to produce excellent old-style radio shows - I will ask them if they have tried a magic show.