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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 25, 2012

Nudity!  Murder!  Suicide! And sixty-five years in an insane asylum!  All of these things are involved in the lurid story of … the Mercury dime?

Did you know that the first nude movie actress in Hollywood posed for at least one, probably two, United States coins?

Did you know that the portrait on the Mercury dime is not only not the Roman god Mercury, it isn't even a male?

Did you know that the real Mercury had wings on his sandals, not his head?

And do you know what mythical character appeared on more United States coins than all other subjects (presidents, statesmen, historical figures) combined?

You'll know all that and more after you listen to this program.

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over six years ago

I really dig your pod cast.Very informative on the history of the "liberty" dime.I've known people that swore that the dime portrayed Mercury just because of the wings.
Now thanks to you I know the real deal.
Good stuff and thanks Dan.

six and a half years ago

I really do love ur podcast. Very interesting topics you come up with.Keep'em coming