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115-130117 In the Treasure Corner - New Coins on Their Way?

Last month, the United States Mint submitted a 400-page report to Congress that could make the coin identification circuitry of our metal detectors obsolete.

A move is afoot to save the government big bucks by changing the metal composition of our coins. 

No longer would a penny be a zincoln.  No longer would our dimes and quarters be made from the 92% - 8% copper-nickel ratio we use now. 

And metal detectors that are programmed to recognize our current coins would be mightily confused with different metal formulations.

This is a photo of a prototype quarter, made from a metal formulation that would give it a yellow or golden hue. (NOTE:  The picture and wording are random because the mint didn't want to create "collectible" experimental coins).

Is this the future of our United States coinage system?

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