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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 30, 2013

Five years of In the Treasure Corner under my belt! 

In this annual birthday show, I discuss which shows have been listened to most, who's listening, and where those listeners are. 

The most-listened-to show of the past three years?  A bit of a curiosity!  But the show in second place is no surprise at all.  We take a quick look at eight of the most-listened episodes of all time.

And in this show, I'll point you to an episode of In the Treasure Corner that you should be sure to hear if you haven't already -it could increase your finds dramatically.

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five and a half years ago

Happy Birthday. Thanks for this site Dan. Really enjoy it,

Dick Stout
five and a half years ago

Congratulations....some great shows along the way and look forward to the next five years.