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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 22, 2013

Yet another congressman has initiated a bill to do away with the dollar bill.  Instead, we would all use dollar coins. 

Hey, it works in Canada!  Would it work here?

Well, it WOULD save the government a cool 5 1/2 billion dollars over a 30-year period.

Find out who's for it, and who's against it, in this show.

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five and a half years ago


Your metal-detecting days will be so much better when you start finding one and two dollar coins like we do in OZ! A quick sweep of a tot-lot while your waiting for the wife to buy the groceries soon gives you some petrol money. I know guys down here that have hit the local parks hard to find one hundred dollars in a day just for the bragging rights. Paper dollars, no thanks!


James Bizzell
five and a half years ago

This would be welcomed by me. I would like to see a one and a two dollar coin like in Canada. Lots of people are opposed. They say they don't want a bunch of heavy coins pulling their pants down. I say it wouldn't be a problem. With one and two dollar coins, someone would not need bit three or four coins in their pocket. The other money carried could be bills. How many one dollar bills do men carry? It only takes a few one dollar bills in the wallet to make it very uncomfortable to carry in the back pocket, much less, sit on! I am all for a few coins in the front pocket and less folding money in the wallet to sit on. And, it wouldn't bother me to dig several of them one or two dollar coins when I take the detector for a walk!!!!!! I say, 'Bring it on'!!!!