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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 31, 2015

Electronic pinpointers can help you find your targets a lot faster, some say. 

But others say they they don't save you time, they cost you time - that if you're sharp, all you need is your metal detector to pinpoint your coins.

This show looks at the granddaddy of pinpointers, Fred Wagner's Tinytec (pictured here), and current pinpointers that range in price from $13 (with coupon) to $170. 

And as always, I'm pushing my Metal Detecting Manual, a marvelous all-purpose fieldbook for the newbie and seasoned veteran alike.  It's at

three and a half years ago

I have been detecting since 1971. There were no pinpointers back then. I wish there would have been! I detected for many years before pinpointers came about. I have owned many and sold most since I first discovered them since there always seemed to be something I didn't like about the unit. One I still have is the TinyTech Deluxe. I still have it and it still works just as it did when I first purchased it. It is with me on every trip to the field, but as a backup. I now have been using the DectectorPro Pistol PROBE for several years. The DD coil is not known for ease of pinpointing and I wanted depth along with a pinpointer so I could determine exactly where a target is before I dug and the Pistol PROBE gave that to me. Yes, I use the pinpointer to check the exact position of every target BEFORE I dig. I have used the Pistol PROBE so much that I can tell the approximate size and depth of the target by the sound of the pinpointer. It certainly has improved my retrieval time! I wouldn't be without it. I had a couple of friends that always said that they didn't need a pin pointer. I talked them into purchasing one and now they will tell you that they wouldn't hunt without one. They are like a detector in that the best one is the one that you like. Thanks for the report, Dan.