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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 20, 2014

The rare 1903-O (for New Orleans) silver dollar was worth a lot of money in the early 1960s. 

Then several thousand of them were found, stored uncirculated in bags of a thousand each, in a vault at the Philadelphia mint.  Suddenly, their value dropped by two-thirds.

This show explains why the mint made more silver dollars than they needed for half a century, and why silver dollars are suddenly in demand every November. 

And how, in November 1962, the Philadelphia mint sold millions of uncirculated old silver dollars that had been hidden away in its vaults.

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James Bizzell
almost five years ago

Great story, Dan. Isn't it something how our government can mis-handle and mess up just about anything they get their hands in!!!! Don't you wish that you would have been one of them that bought 1000 silver dollars for a buck each!!!!!