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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 4, 2014

Remember your first detector?  Your first find?  Your first GOOD find? 

This week's show is a look at my beginning, and the find that hooked me into this wonderful hobby forever. 

I'd love to hear about your first good find; just click below to leave a COMMENT. 

And if you need a really great book on metal detecting, either for yourself or for a gift, please give mine a look.  It's at, along with some articles and tips and secrets to help you improve your detecting skills.

almost four years ago

I purchased my first Metal Detector at a Rock Shop in I think 1975 when I was 16 yrs old.It was a Bounty Hunter 1 BFO and cost me $49 Dollars All of the Money I had at the time.I had been wanting to get a Metal Detector since 1972 when I read a book on Metal Detecing in the school library. I used it around my Dads Horse corral and found several Horse Shoes and old files and a Ring from a Bubblegum machine.Since I was to young to drive and everywhere was too far away.I didn't get another Detector until 1982 at a Flea market for 100 Dollars.It was a Bounty Hunter Knockoff called a Techna and it took 4 9volt batteries to run it.I dont think that Detector could find a silver half Dollar under a plastic garbage can lid.I ended up trading it off at another flea Market for a Whites 2900D Trooper.

almost five years ago

It was my ACE 350, I found a 9ct rose gold man's wedding on day 7 of owning the ACE!

I was washing my spade before packing up, the ACE 350 was on an I was listening to the tones through my headphones trying to understand what was what. There was a new tone that was slightly different from the others I looked away from my spade and there was a glint of colour in the mud. At first I thought it was a ring pull for a bottle, I waved the coil over it again, looked at the display and decided to pick the object out of the mud. Much to my amazement I had a gold ring, on my first real outing with the ACE.

I still have the ring and wear it every day as a lucky charm!

Mark Clement
almost five years ago

I would have loved to have the Minelab E-Trac that i use now back in the 1970's. I started at 14 in 1979 with a used Bounty Hunter Bandit that I got for $85 from a classified ad in the local paper. The previous owner had really screwed up the tuning and couldn't get it to work. After I fixed that I found the usual clad, lots of wheat cents, a few indian head cents and a lot fewer silver coins than I was hoping for. I wish I had kept records back then because all my early finds were stolen during an overseas move while I was in the Air Force. It sure was nice hunting without zinc pennies though!

Dan Hughes
almost five years ago

Gold Seeker, you are absolutely right! It had to be a copper penny, not a zinc penny! I just got so excited over the gold ring that I minimized the value of the penny, I guess. Thanks for listening so carefully!

Gold Seeker
almost five years ago


I love listen to your programs!

I know most all of what you broadcast, but I do learn something occasionally, who said you can't teach an old dog a new trick!!

That being said, I find a discrepancy in this broadcast, you stated that you bought your first detector around 1973ish and took it into your backyard and found your first find..."...a zinc penny...", as you hopefully know that the zinc penny was first made in 1982, so how could it have been a zinc penny?