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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 29, 2014

Six years ago, I decided to start a treasure hunting podcast.  Other such podcasts had come and gone, most of them dying after half a dozen episodes at best. 

And, truth be told, they deserved an early death.  They were virtually unlistenable.  Long pointless chatter, usually two or more guys laughing at their own private jokes, the content bouncing back and forth between painful and pointless.  Totally unscripted and lasting a half hour or longer, with maybe two minutes of actual information scattered within the chaff. They reminded me of what one of my broadcasting instructors said seemed to be the standard rule:  "Keep talking until you think you've said something."

My show (brag alert!) was different.  It is completely scripted, with just one voice, and a scant three to five minutes for most episodes. It has had nearly 400,000 downloads.

And it has lasted for six years and 157 episodes. 

In this birthday episode, I discuss the number of people who listen, where they are from, and how they listen.  I list the most popular episodes, and I point you to past episodes that you really should hear. 

And after you've listened to all that, you just might be impressed enough to order my book, The Metal Detecting Manual.  You can do that here:

James Bizzell
four and a half years ago

Congrats on the 6, Dan. Hope you go for many, many more! I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I wouldn't miss a one. All newbys would benefit by listening to your podcasts. Keep up the good work!

Dick Stout
four and a half years ago

Congratulations Dan.... Love your podcasts!

Billy Steen
four and a half years ago

Happy 6th birthday DAN !!!
Thank You for all your hard work putting together The Treasure Corner podcast. I hope your able to continue for a long time to come. I have your book and all the episodes downloaded to my iPod. Great information in both.