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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 12, 2014

Eighteen coins in 10 minutes with no detector, no pinpointer, and no digging tools?

At first blush, that sounds pretty great.  But not really, as you'll realize when you hear the story. 

And though the results of this one particular experience are not as earthshaking as they seem, the METHOD used to obtain the results has tons of potential. 

And THAT is what this story is really all about.

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john samick
four and a half years ago

great info i find monies all the time walking nearmy house always under a hedge row and fence to date ive found 400 dollars and i only been awair of this place for 6 months curious as to why i began looking around and realized there was an atm machine as well as a drive up bank window across the street wind? carelessness who knows their loss my gain yep it pais to be awair of your enviroment ;

James Bizzell
four and a half years ago

Good tip, Dan. Let me offer another tip. This tip can sometimes pay off very nicely. Would you like to find some folding money? Say a one dollar bill? How about a 20 or 100 dollar bill? It can be done! Here's how. Instead of using one of those walking trails that most cities have built, go to a local big box store. Get your exercise by walking along the fence or shrubs along the parameter of the property and pay CLOSE attention to the ground around the fence or shrubs. You would be surprised at just how many dollar bills that can be found in this manner. One hint is that folding money will look almost white when it is in the sunlight, especially if it has been there for a few days. Give it a try! It will pay off! I know a friend that does this and he has averaged over 600 bucks per year that he has found over the last four years. Now that is not bad, and NO detector needed.