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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 10, 2014

1862 was the year, and the only year, that postage stamps were used as coins. 

The Civil War was in full force, coins were hard to come by because they were used in the war effort (and people hoarded them), so in July 1862, the government okayed the use of stamps as legal tender. 

An enterprising businessman patented a brass shell for stamps, and he made a quick fortune with his little frame that turned stamps into coins. 

How long were they used? Why were they suddenly dropped?  What are they worth now?  Listen to the show for the answers.

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over four years ago

Thanks for that bit of history. I have never heard of this before and found it very interesting! Keep up the great work!

James Bizzell
four and a half years ago

Thanks for this bit of information, Dan. I never had heard this before!