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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 18, 2013

Elliott Lewis was the consummate radio man.  Actor, director and producer, Lewis was superb in both comedy and drama.  From Suspense to the Phil Harris-Alice Fay show to Nero Wolfe to the Adventures of Maisie, Elliott Lewis seemed to be just about everywhere. 

One place he was often found was on board the Scarlet Queen, an adventure ship that sailed the seven seas. 

Lewis was the narrator of the series, and also the captain of the ship. 

This episode, The Bubble Dancer and the Buccaneers, first aired on January 28, 1948.

Frank Morgan
almost six years ago

I've not written before, but I thank you for the information and entertainment I have enjoyed on my visits to your site.

Elliott Lewis was truly one of the geniuses of the Golden Age. I thought I heard William Conrad as Kim and was glad to have that confirmed. His voice and speech patterns, like that of Joseph Kearns are usually unmistakeable. As to Kearns, I've only been "fooled" once that I can recall when he filled in for Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson on a Sherlock Holmes episode. If you can identify it and have that one, I would enjoy hearing it again. Thanks again.