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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 24, 2014

Canadian pennies!  Most of us have found them with our detectors. 

But did you know that for 15 years, they weren't round, but had 12 sides? 

And that for 13 years they were made of steel?

And that Canada hasn't made any pennies at all for almost three years?

All that and more in my latest show.

And for articles that will help you find more and deeper coins with your metal detector, visit

Dan Hughes
four and a half years ago

James, I dropped my announcements from that board because they wanted me charge me money to post my announcements. (Which is silly - my info is a lot more valuable to readers than "I found four pulltabs and a zincoln today"!

And other board administrators have emailed me and asked me to post to their boards.

I still announce the new shows on 18 other treasure forums, and on 11 Facebook groups, and on 4 treasure email newsgroups, so my info isn't hard to find!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for asking!

James Bizzell
four and a half years ago

Thanks for the info, Dan. Always interesting and entertaining. Living right on the Mexican Border, you would think that there would be no Canadian coins down here. But, you would be wrong! There are quite a few 'Winter Texans' from Canada that winter down here every year. Yep, they bring money with them and loose some. I do find Canadian coins down here with my metal detector and occasionally get a Canadian penny in my change. I do not keep them, but maybe I need to start checking the dates before I pass them on. By the way, I have had several members of my website(posted above) ask why you stopped posting on the board. They liked your program.