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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Dec 19, 2014

Richard Yeo was fortunate to get a job during the depression.  He was hired as an advertising and marketing representative for the Whitman Publishing Company. 

He didn't like the product he was hired to promote, though, so he redesigned it.  And as a result of his brashness, the modern coin collecting hobby was born. 

That was just the beginning for Mr. Yeo.  He went on to write the world's two best-known books about United States coins.  And now, over a quarter of a century after his death, new editions of his books are still issued every year.

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James Bizzell
four and a half years ago

Ah yes, the good old 'Red Book'. If you do not have one, get one! You will not regret it. Thanks for this information, Dan. Didn't know all this about the man. He was one smart guy!