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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jan 2, 2015

This episode of In the Treasure Corner began with a random discussion with my wife on the age of George Washington.  I was able to figure it out without going to Google, because I know my American coins.  And that led me to some other fascinating trivia about our coins.

How can your numismatic knowledge (or coin smarts) help you determine the birth years of our two most famous presidents? 

Did you know that the figure represented on the Indian head penny is the same as the one on the Mercury dime? 

Who was the first president to appear on common United States coins?  The first non-president?

How many ridges are on a dime?  A quarter?  And why aren't there ridges on pennies and nickels?

The answers and more are right here.  Click the POD icon, top left, to the left of the big program number and title.


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