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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

May 7, 2015

Wanna be a big TV star on a reality show that will be shown worldwide? 

I got a phone call yesterday from Naela Durrani, a casting associate for a new reality show that covers people who have suddenly come into a lot of money.

People who won the lottery, or invented a popular app, or received an unexpected inheritance - or found a treasure with a metal detector.

And she called me because she thought I might know of such a person, since I know a lot of treasure hunters and such. 

If you fit the description of a person they're looking for, here's the phone number:  808-259-2106.  Ask for Naela (that's "Ny-La").

And if you're not the one, you'll still enjoy the show. 


You'll also enjoy my book, The Metal Detecting Manual.  Two new letters just yesterday from ecstatic readers!  Check it out at