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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 18, 2013

Leroy Ripley liked the name Robert better than Leroy, so he became Robert.  And he liked the idea of being born on Christmas Day better than being born on the day after, so he changed his birthday to December 25. 

Hopefully, he was more accurate with the truth of the claims he made in his Believe It or Not shows than he was with the facts of his own life. 

Robert Ripley's professional cartoon career began in 1918, when he drew a daily one-panel sports cartoon called Champs and Chumps.  The following year it became Believe It or Not, and in time it appeared in magazines, books, movies, radio, and television.

The radio version aired from 1930 to 1948, the year before Ripley died.  This episode, Warden's Pardon, first aired on June 30, 1939.