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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 28, 2015

The "In the Treasure Corner" podcast has just completed its seventh year, and in this birthday program we look back at the Top 10 Episodes of All Time (well, all seven years). 

These are the shows that have been downloaded the most, and the shows you should listen to if you haven't heard them yet.  But there are a couple of shows in the Top 10 list that I recommend you skip.  You'll hear that, too.

We also look at some statistics about the show.  Listeners are mostly from the United States, but the country in second place is surprising - and maybe a little scary. 

Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, and Safari - which are used most by downloaders?  And least? 

You'll find the answers in this episode of In the Treasure Corner.

And you'll find some free articles about getting better depth with your detector, and what accessories you should consider carrying when you go on a hunt, and a look at my book The Metal Detecting Manual, all at