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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 25, 2015

Beginning coin collectors learn many terms unknown to the general public, and one of the first terms they encounter is "VDB."  These initials refer to Victor David Brenner, the designer of the longest-running United States coin of all time, the Lincoln Penny.  

Who was originally hired by Theodore Roosevelt to redesign all our United States coinage? 

Why was that project suddenly halted? 

Why was it so important to Roosevelt that the Indian head penny be replaced? 

Why did he pick Brenner to do it? 

Why was the public upset with the first issue of the Lincoln head penny?  

All these questions, and more, are answered in the latest Treasure Corner show.

(The photo shows Brenner's 1907 commemorative plaque, the basis for the Lincoln penny, and under that, Mr. Brenner himself.)

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