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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

May 6, 2016

Show Number 200.  A good, clean stopping point.  

I really love doing this program, but after 200 shows, I've just about run dry.  It's just become really difficult to come up with new and different topics after eight years of programs.  So, I'm calling it quits with this episode.  

I'll still post new shows when I have something interesting to say, but not every other Thursday night anymore.  

If you'd like to be notified when I do post new episodes, drop me a note at  Just write IN THE TREASURE CORNER.

And you can remember me forever by buying my book, The Metal Detecting Manual.  Read about it at

And thanks for your ears for all these years!

almost three years ago

G'day Dan.
Thanks for putting together all the 'In the treasure corner' podcasts. You have imparted so much useful information through them, which has been invaluable to me and many other new detectorists over the years.

Steve DeSanto
almost three years ago

Dan, I sad there will not be many treasure corner Podcast, I have enjoyed each throughout the years while delivering mail. I have been treasure hunting for just over 43 years here in NJ. These pods cast have gotten me through long days driving around delivering mail. You will be missed! steve AKA Buried Crap NJ

Dick Stout
almost three years ago

Hi Dan, will miss your podcasts but understand your decision. I too find myself working way too hard to say anything new when it comes to the pastime. It's all been said a million times before. Be sure to put me on your notification list when you do future podcasts, and please stay in touch.