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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 27, 2008

Do you post a lot of notes on your favorite internet treasure boards?  Why not get paid for those words, and see your name in print at the same time?

I've written for several of the treasure magazines, and in this show I reveal the "secrets" of getting published.  And it's a lot easier than you think!


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Nov 20, 2008

This time, Part One of a series on learning to become a better hitter.

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Nov 13, 2008

Parks can be pretty big places.  This program examines where to start when you're looking for coins and rings in public parks. 

After you've listened to this show, check out the "advanced" program on park hunting show #048.

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Nov 6, 2008

Are you sure you want to be a manager? 

Here's a look at two philosophies of managing, and why each of them hurt.  This is the first show in a sometimes series. 

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